Setting Up Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit

When setting up a payroll deduction or direct deposit, start by visiting your employer’s Human Resources department. They will provide the necessary form for you to complete.

To avoid delays in getting your payroll deduction or direct deposit activated, please ensure you complete the set-up form with accurate information. Here are a few guidelines to help you find the necessary information for your TFCU account(s).

  • TFCU’s routing and transit number is 303085829. You can always find this at the top of the home page at
  • To move money between financial institutions, it takes more information than the simple six- to eight-digit Membership ID number you may be used to seeing. We need your 13-digit account number to ensure your money gets to the right account. This number includes the three-digit account or loan suffix, followed by your 10-digit membership ID.
  • You can find your 13-digit account number on TFCU checks (for checking account only), your account statement/e-statement or Home Branch (see examples).
  • If you don’t have access to your statement or Home Branch, simply call our Member Service Center at (405) 732-0324 option 6 or 1-800-456-4828 option 6. We will be happy to give you the correct account number.

Helpful Examples

See the examples below to easily find your account number that includes the suffix for each of your TFCU accounts:

On TFCU Checks:

Diagram Area A: The first number in the lower left of the check is the TFCU routing / transit number 303085829. This is the same for all TFCU accounts.

Diagram Area B: The second number in the lower middle of the check is your TFCU account number. This number has 13 digits and always starts with a 1. The example above is not your account number. Your account number will be found in this same area. Your account number will also start with a 1. The other digits will be specific to your account.

Diagram Area C: This entire line of numbers is called the MICR line. It’s where you find the routing and account number.

Diagram of TFCU check with lower area indicated for A B and C
Direct Deposit step 1 in home branch
Direct Deposit step 2 in home branch
Direct Deposit step 3 in home branch

Within Home Branch:

Step 1: Main Page – Select the account you want from here.

Step 2: Account Page – Click on blue button labeled Activity/Details.

Step 3: Activity/Details Page – In white box at right, indicate ACH Account Number (hide/show).

On Your Statement:

Diagram Area A: Main account number at the top of the statement.

Diagram Area B: Individual account number to the right of the title.

Diagram Area C: Individual account number to the right of the title.

TFCU Statement detail image with numbers