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Home Branch Mobile Check Deposit

Whether you are out of town, catching up on your latest TV shows or just not able to get to your closest TFCU branch, depositing a check has never been easier.

Home Branch Mobile Check Deposit enables you to electronically deposit checks quickly and easily into your TFCU account from anywhere using the Home Branch Mobile app on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Funds are securely deposited using photos of the endorsed check taken with your device.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Sign the back of your check and write “For Mobile Deposit Only” beneath your signature.
  • Log in to Home Branch Mobile from your iOS or Android device.
  • Click “Deposit.”
  • Choose the account you want to make your deposit into.
  • Type in the amount of the check.
  • Take photo of check front.
  • Take photo of check back.
  • Click “Submit.”

For any additional assistance or information regarding Home Branch Mobile Check Deposit, visit our FAQ page or contact the Member Service Center at 1-800-456-4828, ext. 2255.

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