BillPay Online

Pay your bills from anywhere, anytime.

BillPay Online is your one-stop shop to pay your bills each month.

With TFCU’s Free BillPay Online service, you have a one-stop shop to pay most of your bills each month. This service is easy, convenient and gives you added control of your finances.

BillPay Online lets you pay an unlimited number of bills any time, day or night, which are deducted from your checking account. Simply choose a date for the funds to be paid to a specific payee. The payment will be withdrawn from your checking account on the date you choose to make your payment.

Use BillPay Online and avoid the hassle of multiple websites, writing checks or visiting the post office.

BillPay Online features

  • Pay an unlimited number of bills anytime, anywhere.
  • Access BillPay Online through Home Branch on a web browser or through the Home Branch Mobile app.
  • Pay most of your bills on one website instead of visiting several each month.
  • Payments are deducted from your TFCU checking account.
  • Payments can be scheduled as a one-time occurrence or on a recurring basis.
  • Pre-schedule one-time payments as far as 12 months in advance.
  • Make payments online to payees you normally pay by check. (No need for checks, stamps or envelopes.)
  • Review your bill payment transaction history up to seven years.
  • Set up eBills to view your online statement from participating payees.
  • Make expedited same- or next-business-day payments for a fee, for participating payees. The fee amount varies by payee and will be disclosed when scheduling your payment.
  • Set reminders and to-do items to stay on top of your payments. Track the status of your payments by setting up email alerts.
  • Pay any bill except payments to credit counseling agencies who pay creditors on your behalf, payments to payees outside of the United States or collection agencies.
  • Payments made to tax entities or court-ordered payments such as alimony, child support, speeding tickets, etc., are permitted, but not suggested, as they do not carry the payment guarantee.
  • One member with direct deposit will be drawn monthly to have their deposit matched up to $2,000 through TFCU Member Give Back.

Getting Started

BillPay Online is an included service in TFCU’s Home Branch — 24-hour online access to your TFCU accounts. You must be a registered Home Branch user. That’s easy to do. Simply click LOG IN, then ENROLL. TFCU members can enroll online and begin using Home Branch and BillPay Online immediately. 

Log in to Home Branch from a web browser or your Home Branch Mobile app. Click BillPay from the menu to begin. The first time you use BillPay Online, you will accept the BillPay Online Terms and Conditions. 

The BillPay Online home screen is where you will add and edit payees, as well as Send Money to your specified payees.