Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Help provide additional financial security to those you love and rest easy knowing you have helped protect them.

Each member of Tinker Federal Credit Union, age 18 and over, is eligible to receive $1,000 of complimentary Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage¹ paid for by TFCU and underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Additional coverage¹ up to $300,000 can be purchased for the member, spouse and eligible dependents¹.

¹All Coverage is reduced by 50% at age 70. This reduction also applies even if you have attained the age of 70 when you first obtain coverage. The family plan protects spouse and children at a percentage of your coverage amount. The family plan only applies to additional coverage. Insurance is underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.
This is an offer of insurance. It is 1) not a deposit, 2) not an obligation of or guaranteed by Credit Union, and 3) not insured by the NCUA. The purchase of insurance products will not affect the extension of credit in any way. The sponsoring Credit Union incurs a cost in connection with providing oversight and administrative support for the approved plan. To provide and maintain this membership benefit, it is reimbursed for these costs. The sponsoring Credit Union or its affiliate, also receives a fee in connection with the plan. The Insurance Company is not an affiliate of the Credit Union. While the Credit Union endorses the product offered, the Credit Union does not accept any liability for the product offered.

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