Experiencing Problems?

Troubleshooting Problems and Errors with TinkerFCU.org

Tinker Federal Credit Union’s website is designed to work with the most common web browsers. Some web browsers (especially older browsers) are unable to use scripting (java, css, perl, etc.) included in our site. While it is impossible to accommodate all web browsers and platforms, TFCU makes every effort to maintain a website that is as compatible as possible. The following suggestions may solve problems you have accessing information on our site. Thank you for helping us provide the highest quality products and services to our members.

Persistent Problems Viewing Site

  • Restart your computer. Completely turn it off, and start over to see if the problem remains.
  • Refresh the web page, and or clear your web browsers “cache” memory.
  • Make sure your computer and your web browser are up-to-date with the latest versions.
  • Check your internet connection. Make sure you actually DO have a connection to the internet.
  • Test the problem. Ask a friend to walk through the same experience to see if they have the same problem.

Update Your Browser

TFCU recommends the two most recent versions of the following Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Edge. Older versions of these browsers may not be as secure and can cause functionality issues.

Suggested Desktop Monitor Settings

Our website is designed to be responsive and adapt to the screen it is being viewed on. On desktop monitors, we suggest your preferences use the highest resolution possible. Also, refer to your browser viewing preferences and use the default Zoom level.

Enable Java & Other Scripts

Access your web browser settings or preferences to “enable java and scripts” (reference your manual for specific information). The TFCU website uses several scripts to give functionality to menus, links and other interactive features. If you choose to upgrade your browser, make sure you take this step after installation.

If you are having difficulty with the drop down menus under the tabs, make sure your Binary and Script Behaviors are enabled. Refer to your browser preferences to locate this feature.

Virus Protection, Fire Walls & Networks

Some software used for virus protection, firewalls and networking actually remove scripts that give functionality to menus, links and other interactive features. We suggest disabling this type of software or changing its settings to allow scripts such as java, perl, css, etc. to run in your web browser (reference your manual for specific information).

Secure Pages

Some pages on our website are set up in “secure” locations on our server to ensure the protection of our members when transferring information. Some browsers may give you a notice when accessing these pages or when leaving these pages.