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The credit union difference: Experience the extraordinary

Posted by Walt Laskos, The Laskos Group on September 24, 2013

In today’s world of mass media, there’s no avoiding the deluge of messages both visual and spoken that each day brings. While we actually see and hear a majority of these communications, countless others pass us by. It may be that they find us preoccupied in other matters or perhaps find themselves drowned out by another message of greater appeal or significance.

Such a message occurred roughly four months ago. While it did receive a fair amount of recognition, I’m of the opinion that it was overshadowed and not fully appreciated for the extraordinary value it conveyed.

The date was May 20th, a day when the skies over Moore, Oklahoma, gave birth to a category-five tornado. On that dreadful day, thousands lost their homes as their neighborhoods were destroyed by the wrath of the storm’s 200 mph winds. Sadly, the tornado claimed the lives of 24 in its wake, yet many others lived on to tell a tale of fright and survival.

One of these stories focused attention on the vault at Tinker Federal Credit Union. It was there that 22 people—staff, members, a passerby, the manager, and a police officer—found a safe harbor from the tornado. As the winds blew and the tempest leveled the building to rubble, they found protection within the secure walls of the credit union safe. | Read More

Photos | TFCU Moore Branch | Tornado, May 20, 2013

Photos | TFCU Moore Branch Rebuild

Photos | TFCU Moore Branch Rebuilt