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Help Support the Credit Union Defense Fund

There’s no doubt about it. Credit union members are loyal. Through the years, you’ve helped us fight to maintain your right to choose where you will conduct your financial business.

The banking industry would reduce your choice of financial institutions to one — a bank — if they could. That’s because credit unions consistently save their members money – up to $500 a year, according to the Credit Union National Association. The savings come from lower fees, higher rates on savings and lower loan rates. Those savings we offer, in turn, set the pricing standard for consumer financial services, and banks don’t like that.

Unfortunately, while credit unions have the popular support among consumers, the banking industry has the advantage of more funding to keep the credit union industry tied up in court with a series of lawsuits. Those lawsuits are attempts to cripple the credit union movement, limit who can become a credit union member and increase credit unions’ costs to operate as not-for-profit organizations.

Help Us Keep Your Credit Union Rights Intact

In order to survive in the future, credit unions must remain as politically active as the banking industry is. Currently, banks have over 140 federally registered political action committees (PACs) working for their political interests, while credit unions have only 12.

We’ve been successful in past battles to keep your rights to credit union membership intact because of the tremendous support you have shown. We hope you’re willing to help us continue the legal and political battles with the banking industry by making a monthly donation to the effort. Your donations will go to support the Oklahoma Credit Union Political Action Committee (OCUPAC) and Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC). These organizations will use the funding to lobby for credit union members’ rights and to support pro-credit union candidates.

Everyone has a voice in the American political process. OCUPAC and CULAC make your collective voice stronger.

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